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Social Media Campaign Planning: All You Need to Know

Why is planning your content vital for your social media campaign?                                                                                Let us start by answering this complex question in an uncomplicated way.                                                                    The easy-peasy explanation is – 

‘ When you have a solid mindmap of what you are required to do in order to bring the necessary results, execution becomes extremely doable. Hence, having the right knowledge of your goal and an accurate outline of the campaign will lend you the unmatchable outcome.’

Now, after knowing the core purpose of planning, you must be curious to know the exact steps that you need to take for marketing your products or services like a streak!

In this article, you will gain the knowledge of everything you need, to upskill your social media campaigns, radically.

Step by step guide for social media campaign planning

This crisp and easily applicable guide will walk you through the 10 crucial steps that are going to be the base of your social media campaign.

Set your goals for the month


Instead of beginning with the implementation blindly, we recommend you to have a secure plan and set your goals for a week, month, or 3 months, whatever seems to fulfill your expectations.

Before starting off, you must be completely aware of the project and its aim. Be it launching a new product or increasing your leads, everything needs to be sorted and then worked upon. 

You need to keep your strategy very straightforward and clear to avoid any further confusion in planning. Try to be specific and always inclined towards your objective while setting the goals.

Target some specific social media platforms 


When marketing your brand on social media, try to remain confined to certain platforms and utilize them effectively, rather than being active everywhere and making appropriate use of none.

What you can do is, begin with the one that you are familiar with and which would get you the desired results. Once you build your audience, it is then a wise step to introduce yourself to a new social media platform. 

This will not only provide a fresh outlook of your brand to the existing customers but also aid in attracting a new audience.

Different platforms have different functions and for transmuting them for your benefit, you must be acquainted with the trends and the apt usage. 

For instance, LinkedIn is the best platform for creating long-form posts about your campaign and increasing your engagement with the audience as well. Instagram, on the other hand, is great for catchy videos and stimulating stories that would aim for driving traffic to your page.

Create a calendar for your social media campaign planning


This is a step that people miss while planning a social media campaign. Timing is crucial when you are just starting out with the actions, and calendar creation helps with keeping you on track.

The root objective of a social media content calendar is to maintain clarity and consistency with posting. When you already have the idea of the time and date to post a piece of content, there is no chance of a mishmash of ideas, and everything will run smoothly.

You can lay down the calendar for the month you want to begin the campaign with, and divide text posts, long and short videos, carousels, etc. accordingly. 

Interact with your audience


When it comes to building communication with your audience, many of you consider skipping it. However, the power that interactions hold is matchless.

There are endless ways to get in touch with the people who admire your brand and may even turn into long-term customers for your services. 

The initial step that you need to take for knowing them is preparing a persona. You want to know their –

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Pain points
  • Occupation

The next move would be utilizing the functions of the platforms you’ll be using, and creating engaging polls, live QnA sessions, replying to comments, hosting webinars, and much more to maintain intimate connectivity with the customer.

Design engaging and attractive content for your campaign

If your posts are tempting to see, they’ll automatically become worthy of a click. You want to design it in such a way that justifies your intent and satisfies customers’ expectations. Studies state that posts with visuals are more engaging than shear text posts.

Apart from making the visuals appealing, you can also reach out to people in the same industry and host a webinar with them. This will help in balancing the creativity when you are out of ideas and will also drive new traffic towards your business or brand.

Stay consistent with posting 

“Consistent action creates consistent results”, says Christine Kane. 

You need to find a perfect balance of posting content for your campaign. Posting 10 times a day may overwhelm and even annoy your audience while posting once a blue moon would not help in engagement. 

There is no certain criteria that you need to follow religiously while posting. The only thing you must keep in mind is to set the intervals and maintain a flow. 

For instance, Twitter might require regular posting every day( 3-5 times ) while if you write long posts on LinkedIn every 3 days, it would work well. The key is to analyze the needs of the platform and build your consistency accordingly.

Both overdoing and undergoing will fetch you no results.

Track and monitor your growth


Google Analytics and Google Console are great tools if you want to measure your growth rate. What tracking does is, it gives you a fair idea of the consequences that you will have to deal with if things turn out to be unfavorable. 

Keeping tabs on the performance of your project will help you revise and refine the existing planning. 

When you launch a campaign, don’t be afraid of experimenting and playing around with ideas. If you get successful, it will lend you more confidence to upskill your game, if you lose, compute your mistakes and learn from them to make the next project a successful one.

Invest in essential tools

There are a plethora of tools available for free and at reasonable prices for your social media campaigns. Some of the vital ones that can bring you great outputs are:-

  1. Canva – Canva is a great app to use for creating attractive and intriguing images, videos, pdfs, and whatnot. The free version of Canva is wholesome enough to produce eye-catching posts, but you can always go for the paid version as well for unlocking unlimited features.
  2. Hootsuite – Another amazing tool for your social media campaign is Hootsuite. You can create and manage a social media calendar, monitor your performance, and even socialize with your audience over it.
  3. Buzzsumo – Buzzsumo is basically a research tool that aids in providing you with the right keywords, tracking your audience, and keeping an eye on the competitors.

Learn about your competition


Now, when we say learn about your competition, we don’t mean to copy, stalk, or get intimidated by them. What we want you to learn is, 

  • Analyze their accomplishments
  • Take inspiration from their work 
  • Explore their performance
  • Know their strategies
  • Take a note of their mistakes

While you get the hang of everything your competitor does, you’ll also come across ideas and new opportunities that you can utilize for your campaign. 

Optimize your social media profile

The last but surely not the least step is to keep your social profiles updated. Be it LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, fill every field carefully so that they align with your business.

From your brand logo to the services that you offer, everything must be at par with what you do. Your social media profiles must reflect your aim very clearly and be optimized using the right keywords and hashtags.

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Social media campaign planning is crucial for getting the desired end product. The basic rule that you must be following is to sort everything out before performing the tasks. Once your vision is clear, target the best social media platforms for your projects and try to be as interactive as possible.

Maintain consistency and keep on monitoring your progress. Make use of resources and tools that would result in an improved growth graph. Learn from your competitors and improvise their strategies for your use. 

In the end, it all boils down to how well you present yourself before your audience and gain their trust for your benefit.


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